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News and events concerning Arctic logistics


30-11-2017 | Article

Logistikworkshoppen 2017

09-10-2017 | Article

Barak til salg ved Thule Air Base

Barakken tilhører DMI, men da DMI ikke længere kan finde anvendelse for bygningen, ønsker man at...
Logistikworkshoppen 2016
17-11-2016 | Article

Logistikworkshoppen 2016

Den 31. oktober afholdte Polar DTU for fjerde år i træk workshop om feltaktiviteter og...
Ulla Tørnæs
17-11-2016 | Article

Polarforskningskonferencen 2016

Polarforskningskonferencen 2016 blev afholdt på DTU i samarbejde mellem Polar DTU og Styrelsen for...
16-11-2016 | Article

Feedback on Helicopter Share in NE-Greenland 2016

During 3 weeks in July-August 2016 projects from GEUS, DMI, Nanok and AU shared one helicopter in...
02-10-2016 | Article

Isaaffik at the White House

The Danish Minister for Higher Education and Science highlights the Isaaffik portal at the White...
30-08-2016 | Article

INTERACT funded for 2016-20

The EU-project INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the...
26-06-2016 | Article


Version 2 of the platform is now available including a variety of new features
05-04-2016 | Article

Hindsgavl II workshop

Aarhus Universitet, Danmarks Tekniske Universitet og Københavns Universitet inviterede arktiske...
11-02-2016 | Article

Get updates from ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway via your LinkedIn account

ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is the portal where researchers, coordinators and logistical personnel...
HDMS "Ejnar Mikkelsen" heading out of Godthåbsfjord.
02-02-2016 | Article

Koordinering af Forsvarets støtte til arktisk forskning

På baggrund af aftalen om Forsvarets støtte til arktisk forskning er der afholdt et sættemøde hos...
Helicopter support at Kap Breusing, North-East Greenland
09-11-2015 | Article

Workshop on field activities and logistical cooperation in the polar regions in 2016-2017

On October 29, 2015 Polar DTU for the third year in a row held a workshop on upcoming field...
Zackenberg Research Station
03-11-2015 | Article

Vacant position as Logistics Manager in Northeast Greenland

A position as Logistics Manager (37 hours/week) at Aarhus University is vacant per February 1, 2016...
Ella Ø station, with Ørnereden and 12-mands-barakken
11-09-2015 | Article

Old lodging facility refitted at Ella Ø

As announced earlier this year the so-called “Tolv-mands-barakken” at Ella Ø has recently been...
08-09-2015 | Article

Training and equipping expedition members for fieldwork in remote areas

The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, commonly known as GEUS, in its various historic...
15-07-2015 | Article

Et afgørende boost for klimaforskningen

Forskningsstationen Villum Research Station, der netop er indviet, giver nye muligheder for...
The 14-meter high building, the ‘Dome’, weighing 47 tons, is on skis and is being pulled across the snow by two tracked vehicles.
28-05-2015 | Article

Research station moved nearly 500 km across the Greenland ice sheet

The entire research station NEEM has been moved 465 km across the Greenland ice sheet on skis to...
13-04-2015 | Article

Passive Igloo Project

The 'passive igloo project' is a demonstration project that aims to explore how simple...
Ella Ø station
11-03-2015 | Article

New expedition facility at Ella Ø in 2015

During the summer of 2015 a new, or rather old, base facility will again be made available to...

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Title Org. name Type of project
DMI service of weather stations east Greenland 2018 Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) Weather, climate & atmosphere
NANOK 28. feltsæson, 2018, Ella Ø holdet North-East Greenland Company NANOK Infrastructure & logistics
NANOK 28. feltsæson, 2018, Daneborg holdet North-East Greenland Company NANOK Infrastructure & logistics