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The Isaaffik Secretariat is hosted at Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University. You are welcome to contact the Isaaffik lead coordinator, if you have any questions or improvement suggestions for the website. Isaaffik lead coordinator: Peter Schmidt Mikkelsen, AU/GN.

You are also welcome to contact any local institution coordinator. If you e.g. want to post a project, course, job, news article, or event at the Isaaffik portal your local coordinator will help you to do so. See list of institution coordinators below.

Local institution coordinators:




























  • AKO = Joint Arctic Command
  • AU = Aarhus University
  • AAU = Aalborg University
  • DMI = Danish Meteorological Institute
  • DTU = Technical University of Denmark
  • GEUS = Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland 
  • GN = Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
  • GU = University of Greenland
  • KU = University of Copenhagen
  • NBI = Niels Bohr Instituttet
  • SDU = University of Southern Denmark


Last updated
15 November 2017