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About Isaaffik



Isaaffik is the Greenlandic word for gateway. ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway is a user driven web platform supporting research and collaboration.

Why is ISAAFFIK important?

The Arctic is undergoing immense and rapid transformations with climate change as the driving force increasing the demand for scientific research and cooperation across borders. ISAAFFIK Arctic Gateway creates a platform for collaboration, inspiration, synergies and creativity for research, education, consultancy and logistics.

Who can join ISAAFFIK?

Anyone engaged with Arctic research, education, consultancy, infrastructure and logistics can sign up for an ISAAFFIK account. Any registered user with a personal profile at ISAAFFIK is welcome to announce projects, expeditions, courses, activities, participate in informal discussions, and more on the platform. You can also piggyback on activities of fellow users.

How to join ISAAFFIK?

To become "Member of ISAAFFIK" you simply submit a request for membership to the ISAAFFIK Secretariat by using the website Menu's Register function. Membership is free and completed online within a few minutes. As a registered member, you will have access to the full content and functionality of ISAAFFIK.

What can ISAAFFIK do for you?

Whether you are a scientist, student, administrator, decision maker, politician, service provider or something else, ISAAFFIK is your tool to:  

  • Provide overview of Arctic infrastructure and who’s working with what, where and when
  • Help you save money on your Arctic travel budget
  • Facilitate collaboration of research, education, consultancy, infrastructure, and logistics
  • Increase your safety during fieldwork by making your projects visible to authorities and other parties
  • Give you an overview of Arctic courses and educational programs available

What can you do for ISAAFFIK?

ISAAFFIK is about sharing, and it builds on the members’ contributions:

  • Register and share information on ISAAFFIK. Give other users insight in what you and your organisation are doing and planning
  • Help us to keep ISAAFFIK sharp - suggest continuous improvements to our platform


ISAAFFIK is an independent and public forum. It is open to anyone engaged in Arctic research, education, consultancy, infrastructure, and logistics. The content of the website is maintained by a number of ISAAFFIK partners and contributors. Partners are Aarhus University, Aalborg University, Asiaq Greenland Survey, Danish Meteorological Institute, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, the Greenlandic Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Church, Joint Arctic Command, National Museum of Denmark, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, University of Greenland, University of Southern Denmark, and more to join.

Contact us

Find local ISAAFFIK representatives or contact the ISAAFFIK Secretariat at ISAAFFIK is hosted at Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University.